Internal Server Error

Last night (and a few other times recently for the past 2 weeks), the website have been slow and not accessible at times. During this times, you probably have encountered the “Internal Server Error” message. This happened again yesterday and was highlighted to our technical support team and this is what they replied.

It looks like the load on your server has spiked and is slowing down/breaking services. We have an admin looking at it right now.  As soon as we isolate the source of the load, we’ll address it and things should resume normal function. Our admin team is aware of the server’s recent outages and are working on preventing them from reoccurring. Thanks a ton for your patience.

Hopefully, the source of the problem can be located and fix soon.

Meanwhile, I have added a link on Facebook (under the Boxes tab) for everyone to check if the site is indeed down or not.