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Site Availability

Site Availability screenshot on Facebook

Site Availability screenshot on Facebook

Some of you should be noticed this section (previously known as “Uptime”), box in red in the above screenshot, on our Facebook page for a while now. As you may know, our website may occasionally go offline (server hangs, restarts, error serving page, etc…) which are beyond our control. Our website is generally stable and seldom goes offline for extended period of time, but when that happens, it is good to keep you informed as well.

Facebook and Twitter can fill in this gap as they are located off-site and they have the budget (and incentive) to keep their website almost 100% online and available to everyone. It is also not possible to us to constantly monitor and update there whenever the website is offline, so we have engaged the service of 3rd party service providers to show the site availability as they check our website at regular intervals.

Our site monitoring services are provided by:

  • Pingdom, monitoring every 1 minute since 30th July 2009
  • Hyperspin, monitoring every 1 hour since 8th April 2006

The links to these services can be found on our Facebook page under the “Boxes” tab.

So with this, the next time Dragons Online! appears to be offline, you should know where to find out and confirm our site availability!

Update: See my follow-up post on Site Availability on Twitter

Internal Server Error

Last night (and a few other times recently for the past 2 weeks), the website have been slow and not accessible at times. During this times, you probably have encountered the “Internal Server Error” message. This happened again yesterday and was highlighted to our technical support team and this is what they replied.

It looks like the load on your server has spiked and is slowing down/breaking services. We have an admin looking at it right now.  As soon as we isolate the source of the load, we’ll address it and things should resume normal function. Our admin team is aware of the server’s recent outages and are working on preventing them from reoccurring. Thanks a ton for your patience.

Hopefully, the source of the problem can be located and fix soon.

Meanwhile, I have added a link on Facebook (under the Boxes tab) for everyone to check if the site is indeed down or not.

Errors again… Resolved

For unknown reasons, the server went down again for a few minutes earlier and the gallery is currently having the same problem a week ago.

I am currently taking this issue to task with our host and hope to get it resolved soon. Meanwhile, the gallery will be inaccessible until resolved.

Edit: Issue resolved. I am still looking around to see anything else is wrong. Please let me know if I missed out any.