Dragon Chapter

The Dragon Chapter was officially formed on the 5th November 2005 with 30 old boys and girls turning up for the first gathering in Gan Eng Seng School (GESS).

The Dragon Chapter is a chapter of the Singapore Scout Guild, an independent registered body.  It is made up of mainly ex-Scout, some members are still Scout, and its aim is to support Scouting.

Dragon Chapter is essentially set up for old boys/girls who still want to be associated with Scouting, particularly Dragon Scouting. It is a platform where old boys/girls of Dragon Scout Group (DSG) can continue to contribute to the Scouting in GESS. A platform where old boys/girls can talk about the good old days and yet still not interfere in the daily running of the Scout Group. A resource pool for the active Leaders to tap on if they need any additional or professional help. A place where they can call home.

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