Dragon Ventures

Venturing is the beginning of a new scouting chapter.

Recitation of Dragon Venture Scout Investiture

Our decision made,
The journey we will take,

Roads will be rough,
Times will be tough;

The choices we make,
the future we create;

A path unknown,
we’re not alone,

We are
Dragon Ventures!

The above recitation solemnly welcomes a scout into the world of Venture Scouting. The journey the Venture Scouts is embarking on will allow them to discover more about themselves. This journey will stretch and expand on their repertoire of scouting skills. At the same time, the senior Venture Scouts will be elected into the Executive Committee of the Venture Scout Unit where they are empowered to make decisions in the day to day running of the unit. This empowerment comes in the form of facilitation by many who have trod though similar paths.

This is no easy journey. But the rewards are tremendous. Are you game for it, team player?