Happy 54th Birthday, Singapore!!!

Take a look how we celebrate 54th birthday in GESS!

Congrats Jovan for Best Scout Award and Enver Lee for Distinguished Service Award!

National Orienteering Race @ Singapore Poly

The Dragons certainly had great fun and experience at the National Orienteering Race. Catch us in action!

Inaugural Brown Camp aka Annual Group Camp 2019

Check out the fun we had on the inaugural brown camp !!!!

Celebrating 97 years of Dragon Scouting!!!

2019 Sec 1s Investiture

Welcoming our new Dragon Scouts!!!

On 16 March, we warmly welcome our new Sec 1s into our Dragon Scout family. Here’s a quick look at the whole investiture ceremony.

Reciting the Scout Promise & Law

Celebrating Founder’s Day with Bicentennial Trek

Check out what did we do on Founder’s Day and how we celebrate it with Bicentennial Trek!

Happy Founder’s Day!

CWA Flag Day 2019

Another year of helping for a great cause!

Onward, Dragons!!!

CWA Flag Day 2019

Celebrating Double Gold with GESS!

10 Jan, we were proud to celebrate our achievement in NPC X with GESS.

Catch the prize presentation on that day!

2019 CCA Orientation

Check out the fun we had on this great day!

Welcome all Sec 1 Gessians to our Dragon Family!

Welcome to Dragon Scouts!

Welcome all 2019 Sec 1 Gessians

Dragon Scouts welcomes all 2019 Year 1 Gessians! 

Looking forward to seeing you on our Recruitment Day on 4 Jan 2019!