Dragon Cubs

There are currently two Cub Scout Units under the Dragon Scout Group (DSG) family, namely Gan Eng Seng Primary Dragon Cub Scout Unit (GESPS) and Radin Mas Cub Scout Unit (RMPS).

Radin Mas Cub Scout Unit

Adopted on 25 Feb 2006, RMPS was the first Cub Scout Unit to join the DSG family. Then, the former Cub Scout Leader (Mr Sim) approached our GSL for help to organise some activities for his Cub Scouts. The first meeting led to the second meeting, then led to the third and it never stops. The bonding among the RMPS Cubs & Dragon Scouts grew naturally, which led to adoption later on.

Visit RMPS Cub Scouts Multiply site: http://rmpsdragons.multiply.com/

Gan Eng Seng Primary Dragon Cub Scout Unit

Adopted on 24 Feb 2007, GESPS came under the DSG family after helping out in numerous activities, some organised by the Dragon Scouts and/or Dragon Ventures. Like RMPS, the bond with the GESPS Cubs grew and was soon adopted. While both schools share the same name, they are not affilated to each other like other schools with the same name.

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