Dragons Online! is now mobile phone ready

Just to let everyone know that Dragons Online! is now mobile phone ready!

What does this means? If you use your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia N-series, etc) to surf here, a simple and fast design will be used instead so Dragons Online! will load fast on your mobile phone (and save data charges for you at the same time). All these are automatic so there are nothing to configure or change on your mobile phone.

Give it a try and you should see a mobile version of Dragons Online! like the screenshot below:

Dragons Online! mobile version

Please do let me know if it doesn’t work on your mobile phone and I will see what I can do.

The Baden-Powell Story

Want to know more about our founder but reading books will put you to sleep? Why not read the story of BP in a comic-style book. See below for the link to the ebook!

The Baden-Powell Story Book Cover

eBook: The Baden-Powell Story [ original copy | mirror copy | 3.44MB | Source: The Dump ]

Website upgraded

Just a note that the website has just been upgraded. Everything still looks and works the same but as I do not have time to do a complete check, certain sections of the website might be “broken”.

If you do spot something that is not right, please drop me a comment and I will get it fix asap. Thanks!

Internal Server Error

Last night (and a few other times recently for the past 2 weeks), the website have been slow and not accessible at times. During this times, you probably have encountered the “Internal Server Error” message. This happened again yesterday and was highlighted to our technical support team and this is what they replied.

It looks like the load on your server has spiked and is slowing down/breaking services. We have an admin looking at it right now.¬† As soon as we isolate the source of the load, we’ll address it and things should resume normal function. Our admin team is aware of the server’s recent outages and are working on preventing them from reoccurring. Thanks a ton for your patience.

Hopefully, the source of the problem can be located and fix soon.

Meanwhile, I have added a link on Facebook (under the Boxes tab) for everyone to check if the site is indeed down or not.

Frank Cooper Sands 2008

Congratulation, Dragons !

We’ve done it again !

We achieved a GOLD for Frank Cooper Sands Award 2008 !

Good job to all Scouts, Ventures, Rovers and Leaders who had contributed to the success !

In addition we are glad to inform all that our cub scouts from Radin Mas achieved a Gold too !

Congratulation, Radin Mas Dragon Cubs !!!!

Amanda receiving the award from G.O.H.

Amanda receiving the award from G.O.H.

Mabel receiving the award from G.O.H.

Mabel receiving the award from G.O.H.

Wan Juan and Amanda presenting to you - The Frank Cooper Sands (GOLD) 2008!

Wan Juan and Amanda presenting to you - The Frank Cooper Sands (GOLD) 2008!

BBQ Gathering this Saturday

Just a gentle reminder to everyone that the BBQ is this coming Saturday. For more details, please refer to the Facebook event.

Scouting for Boys on BBC

Found a documentary on Scouting for Boys, featured on BBC via YouTube. Quite interesting to watch but it will take a while of your time. The video is broken down into 6 parts as shown below.


Facebook (Full) Launch!

The Dragon Scout Group Facebook page is finally being fully and officially launch!

Since the soft launch on 26th April 2009, we have 77 fans and growing (see graph below). We hope more old, present & future, boys & girls of the Group will join our Facebook to keep in touch and be kept updated of our activities.

We are currently organising a BBQ for all Rovers, Leaders & Chapters (old boys and girls) via Facebook and it looks very promising for our first event on Facebook.

Please join us and continue to support our website!

Facebook Graph as of 11 May 2009(Click on image above to enlarge)

The Little Boy Scout

Just saw this promotional Singapore Scouting video on HQ website. I think it’s not bad, so do spare 3 minutes to have a look at it.


Get together session for Rovers, Leaders & Chapters

We are planning for a mainly seafood BBQ gathering for all rovers, leaders, old boys and gals of Dragon Scouts Group on Saturday, 30th May 2009 at 7pm.

Cost will be $20 per pax. Kindly confirm your presence and support in order for us to plan accordingly.

RSVP may be via email (use contact form at the end of About Us page) or Facebook (event link here).

Hope to see you. Cheers!