Scouting for Boys on BBC

Found a documentary on Scouting for Boys, featured on BBC via YouTube. Quite interesting to watch but it will take a while of your time. The video is broken down into 6 parts as shown below.


Facebook (Full) Launch!

The Dragon Scout Group Facebook page is finally being fully and officially launch!

Since the soft launch on 26th April 2009, we have 77 fans and growing (see graph below). We hope more old, present & future, boys & girls of the Group will join our Facebook to keep in touch and be kept updated of our activities.

We are currently organising a BBQ for all Rovers, Leaders & Chapters (old boys and girls) via Facebook and it looks very promising for our first event on Facebook.

Please join us and continue to support our website!

Facebook Graph as of 11 May 2009(Click on image above to enlarge)

The Little Boy Scout

Just saw this promotional Singapore Scouting video on HQ website. I think it’s not bad, so do spare 3 minutes to have a look at it.


Get together session for Rovers, Leaders & Chapters

We are planning for a mainly seafood BBQ gathering for all rovers, leaders, old boys and gals of Dragon Scouts Group on Saturday, 30th May 2009 at 7pm.

Cost will be $20 per pax. Kindly confirm your presence and support in order for us to plan accordingly.

RSVP may be via email (use contact form at the end of About Us page) or Facebook (event link here).

Hope to see you. Cheers!

Facebook Soft Launch (part 2)

It has been about a week (5 days to be exact) since the Facebook soft launch was announced. Response have been quite positive so far, but I believe we could do better.

Facebook Graph as of 29 Apr 2009(Click on image above to enlarge)

What are you waiting for? Get everyone to join now! Remember that you participation will determine whether if the Dragon Scout Facebook page should stay or not.

Happy Labour Day

Happy Labour Day to everyone! (In case you do not know what is Labour Day about or wish to know more about it, read the Wikipedia article here)

For more people, there isn’t much to celebrate but it’s more like a long weekend. So enjoy your holiday!

Facebook Soft Launch

In an effort to make Dragons Online! more social networking friendly, we have created a page at Facebook.

As this is still an experiment and we are testing the features to integrate Facebook into Dragons Online! and yet not over-shadow it, I am doing a soft launch first. Until we are comfortable with what we can achieve with Facebook, only then will we fully launch it and display the links all over the website.

Please add yourself as fans to join us in Facebook.

A Good Turn A Day

I was reading this article titled “Learn from Taiwan, Singaporeans” at TODAYonline and had some thoughts after that (copy of article here, in case the article is removed).

I have witness such acts of ungraciousness as mentioned in the article personally myself. However, I do need to point out that gracious acts do happen (such as giving up seats) but it is not happening as much as I hope it to be.

As scouts, I do believe most of you would have heard of the phrase “A Good Turn A Day” (there was even a project by HQ based on this idea). The idea was that your scarf have a knot at the end it, to remind yourself to do a good deed everyday. You will then only untie this knot if the good deed has been done. This act of good turn can be a simple act of giving up your seat or giving way to others.

The objective of this post is to remind/spread the idea of A Good Turn A Day, be it scout or non-scout, Singapore or worldwide. I believe if this idea can be spread successfully, the world will be a much better place to live in.

Have you done your good turn today?

Funny Scout Skit

Saw this funny skit, so would like to share it with everyone. Enjoy!

Cooking Ideas

Not sure of what to cook at your next outdoor cooking session or during Group Camp? Get some ideas from the Scouting Magazine here!