National Exploration Challenge 2014

This Year, we sent 4 teams to compete with the other scout units across Singapore in the National exploration Challenge. Our scouts have been working hard to get ready for this event. In preparation of this event, we practiced our orienteering skills such as map sketching, learning more on how to use compasses, and so on. Through all this hard work and effort, our scouts have become more aware and familiar with these skills. On the 8th November, we set out to put these skills into use as we travelled across the entire Singapore using different modes of transportation while completing checkpoints that require us to do activities based on orienteering.

Our scouts have also done a website based logbook, to check it out by clicking the links attached with each team.

Team Abnegation- SPL Rilwan(Team Leader), PS Norman ,PL Winston, PS Daniel, PS Enver, Aqil  (Click Team A)

Team Brontide- SPL Jared(Team Leader), PL Casey, PS Aneesa, Ari, PS Jun Shen, PS Imroatous  (Click Team B)

Team Ccconut- ASPL Jordan(Team Leader), PL Charmaine, PS Tse Min,PS Wen Hui, PS Priya, Nicky  (Click Team C)

Team Dynamo- PL Kelvin(Team Leader), PL Sharaihann, PS Deen, PS Malcolm, PS Yeon, Gabriel  (Click Team D)

We are proud to announce that we have obtained 3 Gold awards and 1 Silver award.

Congratulations to all the awardees and a huge thanks to all the teachers and parents who have supported us in this event.



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