Group Camp 2014 – Metamorphosis

From 6 June to 9 June, the DRagon Scouts had a Group Camp themed Metamorphosis.

The overall theme was choosen to allow our scouts to level up during this process

There would be a sub-theme for each day of the camp which ties in with the progress and activities of the camp as follows

  • Day 1 – Metamorphosis: Awakening
  • Day 2 – Metamorphosis: Step Up
  • Day 3 – Metamorphosis: Transcendence
  • Day 4 – Metamorphosis: Catching Fire

Catch the gallery here for some action at the Metamorphosis

Congratulation to Puma for winning the Best Camping Standard 2014.

P1060699 P1060703 P1060709 P1070019 P1070029





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