The A-Z of Knots

Knots are a fundamental part of scouting skills. This site has a huge library of various knots and how to tie them most mostly are not comprehensive enough in my opinion. See and decide for yourself!

An illustrated A-Z walkthrough of some of the most common (and not so common) knots. Each knot has a short description and (almost) every one has an illustration demonstrating the knot.

Blood Knot

A multiple Overhand Knot tied in the end of a heaving line. It derives its name from its use in a ropes end which was used as a weapon or for inflicting punishment, when it would often ‘draw blood’. This knot was used by the Incas of Peru in ‘Quipus’ or knot records.


A knot tied in the bight for shortening a rope or taking up the slack, without cutting it. It can also be used to protect a weak, damaged or frayed section of the rope. See also Tom Fool Knot.

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