Dragons Online! on Google Current

Remember we had a poll previously on whether to have a mobile app for this website? Well, I have not created an app so far but there is something close. Imagine viewing Dragons Online! on your smartphone like a magazine with sync features? Look to Google Current!

You can find us by searching “Dragon Scouts” or by directing your mobile browser to this link.

I shall not explain how Google Current works but leave you to understand from the video below.

This is how it will look like on your phone:

Edit: I realised the app (Android & iOS) is only available for the US market. For Android, you can download the Google Currents (version 1.0.1) app here directly instead and install on your phone. This is downloaded from the Android Market (via my phone) so you can trust the file to be safe.

For iOS, it is not available for now unfortunately as iPhone does not allow apps outside of the App Store to be installed.

Poll: Mobile App

Anyone interested in a mobile app for this website? Let us know your feedback by participating in this poll on our Facebook page.

Thank you for the feedback!

Dragons Online! is now mobile phone ready

Just to let everyone know that Dragons Online! is now mobile phone ready!

What does this means? If you use your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia N-series, etc) to surf here, a simple and fast design will be used instead so Dragons Online! will load fast on your mobile phone (and save data charges for you at the same time). All these are automatic so there are nothing to configure or change on your mobile phone.

Give it a try and you should see a mobile version of Dragons Online! like the screenshot below:

Dragons Online! mobile version

Please do let me know if it doesn’t work on your mobile phone and I will see what I can do.