Happy Founder’s Day from Dragon Scouts!!!

Happy Founder’s Day!!!

Here’s a peek at what the Dragons had on 22 Feb 2011 to celebrate our Founder’s Day in GESS!

In addition, view the video below for the well wishes from the Dragons!

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Happy World Scouts Day

On behalf of the Group, would like to wish all brother and sister scouts a Happy World Scouts Day!

Let’s celebrate!

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone in the year of the Rabbit! May everyone have a prosperous bunny New Year.

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Happy New Year 2011

Happy new year to everyone on Dragons Online! Hope you had a great 2010 and be ready for an even better 2011! Cheers.

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Merry Christmas!

Have a very merry and joyous Christmas holiday to everyone at Dragons Online!

Happy holidays 🙂

Jam100 cum 3rd ASEAN Jamboree

Building Common Space !

A great event for all Dragon Scouts whom had participated in to enjoy and feel proud of being in this youth organisation !

It is definitely great to see all brother and sister scouts coming together to celebrate 100 years of Singapore Scouting and not only that to share our culture!

Do take a look in our gallery for all the fun we had !!!

Dragon Scouts 88 and still kicking !!!

27 Nov 2010 marked the day when the Dragons celebrate 88 years of Dragon Scouting !

Catch us on the gallery to take a peek at our celebration !

Dragon Scouts 88 and still kicking !!!!

Dragon Gallery

Check it out !

The day when Dragon Gallery is given a new look !!!

November Activities

During this month long November holiday, our Dragon Scouts took part in numerous fun filled activities like overnight cycling and outing @ sentosa. Do take a look through our gallery to catch what fun we had !

Queenstown District Cub Scout Day 2010

13 Nov 2010 marks the 5th year at which Dragon Scouts organises the Queenstown District Cub Scout Day. It started off in 2006 when we had Cub Scout Field Day and Cub Scout Campfire on 2 separate days and over the years, the two events evolved into one single event done on a single day – Cub Scout Day.

Take a peek into what the cub scouts did and more importantly the fun that they had during the event.

3 cheers to Radin Mas Dragon Cubs for winning the championship for the 3rd consecutive years !