Memoirs of the Dragon

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Memoirs of the Dragon is a project to collect any memories relating to Dragon Scouts, in celebration of our 90th Anniversary this year.

This “memory” can be in a form of a short memo, photographs, videos or even something physical like a book or a scarf. You need not be a Dragon Scout in order to contribute to this project. You can submit your “memory” as long as it is somewhat related to Dragon Scouts. Some examples of such “memories” could be:

  • Your father was previously a Dragon Scout during his younger day and have a memento related to the Dragon Scouts
  • Your sibling is/was a Dragon Scout and you have memories of him/her as a Dragon Scouts
  • You have been helped by a Dragon Scout before and still remembers what happened
  • You have an article about the Dragon Scouts in your possession

At the end of this project, we aim to contribute this memories to the Singapore Memory Project, leaving our “mark” with the rest of Singapore.

To begin submitting your “memory”, kindly fill in the below form and attach any related photo, video or documents.

For any submission with any physical item(s), kindly submit the below form and send the item to the school, and attention it to the Teacher-in-charge of the Scout Group.

We thank you for your contribution!

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