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Axemanship is an old-school skill that most scouts hardly know about in this modern day. However, the knowledge of using axes and saws properly is important and useful especially during camps in the outdoors. Do read the below ebook before …

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Having your exploration test soon? This ebook would be a good read before taking that “hard-to-pass” test, to refresh your basics. eBook: Map And Compass [ original copy | mirror copy | 540KB | Source: The Dump ]

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As a followup to my previous post on knots, here is an ebook on some knots commonly used by everyone. Enjoy! eBook: Knotting For Scouts [ original copy | mirror copy | 1.18MB | Source: The Dump ]

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First Aid is an important skill that every scout should know. It should be noted that first aid is not the definitive medical care/treatment, but the first assistance you can give to an injuried person. The following are some ebooks …

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Want to know more about our founder but reading books will put you to sleep? Why not read the story of BP in a comic-style book. See below for the link to the ebook! eBook: The Baden-Powell Story [ original …

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Have found some links to ebooks relating to scouting, including the famous Scouting for Boys! The following ebooks are linked with permission from The Dump. More can be found on their website other than those listed below. Scouting for Boys …

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