Jobweek 2013

Jobweek 2013 was held from 16 to 19 March for the Dragon Scout Group. During those four days, the Dragon scouts demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility and discipline as we searched for different types of chores to work on for different households and companies.

It was not smooth sailing for all scouts. Some had to endure the pain of being turned away by people who did not have chores for them. Others who managed to overcome their own barriers (being shy when faced with strangers) spoke of personal growth that they testified to their fellow scouts. Many exhibited the spirit of Brotherhood when they shared with their fellow scouts how to do well for Jobweek. We also had our Dragon Cub Scouts from Radin Mas Primary School and Gan Eng Seng Primary School join us over the weekend to learn the tricks of Jobweek.

We are glad that through this experience, we learnt the value of hardworking and integrity in the four days of learning the joys and pains of a working person in this tough and challenging society. It had helped us to see the importance of hard and earnest work.