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Dragons Online! have closed-membership forums available for the different patrols and units to interact online with one another in the Group. All information on the forums are only available upon log in (except for the announcement forum).

Screenshot of Dragons Online! Forums

All membership have to be verified by real name, patrol, NRIC and contact number. Only upon successful verification, the administrators/moderators will approve the membership registration and be allowed to log in. Mass registration (held on-site in school) will be held for all scout units so as to ensure every Dragon Scout has access to the forums. Should you miss the mass registration, please contact your Sixer/Patrol Leader/Adult Leader for alternative arrangements.

For Group Council and Dragon Chapter members, your account will be generated automatically based on our existing records. Log in details will be sent to your registered email. Should you not receive or lost your log in details, please contact us at the following email: forums-issue (at) dragonscouts (dot) com

If you lose/forget/misplace your password, do not ask the administrators/moderators for help as they will not be able to help either as all password stored are encrypted and not possible to be unencrypted. Instead, use the “I forgot my password” feature to reset your password. The new password will be sent to your registered email. If you also unable to log in to your email, contact the administrators using this form.

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