National Exploration Challenge 2014

This Year, we sent 4 teams to compete with the other scout units across Singapore in the National exploration Challenge. Our scouts have been working hard to get ready for this event. In preparation of this event, we practiced our orienteering skills such as map sketching, learning more on how to use compasses, and so on. Through all this hard work and effort, our scouts have become more aware and familiar with these skills. On the 8th November, we set out to put these skills into use as we travelled across the entire Singapore using different modes of transportation while completing checkpoints that require us to do activities based on orienteering.

Our scouts have also done a website based logbook, to check it out by clicking the links attached with each team.

Team Abnegation- SPL Rilwan(Team Leader), PS Norman ,PL Winston, PS Daniel, PS Enver, Aqil  (Click Team A)

Team Brontide- SPL Jared(Team Leader), PL Casey, PS Aneesa, Ari, PS Jun Shen, PS Imroatous  (Click Team B)

Team Ccconut- ASPL Jordan(Team Leader), PL Charmaine, PS Tse Min,PS Wen Hui, PS Priya, Nicky  (Click Team C)

Team Dynamo- PL Kelvin(Team Leader), PL Sharaihann, PS Deen, PS Malcolm, PS Yeon, Gabriel  (Click Team D)

We are proud to announce that we have obtained 3 Gold awards and 1 Silver award.

Congratulations to all the awardees and a huge thanks to all the teachers and parents who have supported us in this event.



Happy 49th National Day, Singapore !!!

Dragon Scouts celebrate 49th National Day in GESS with a parade and many fun filled moments !

Happy Birthday, Singapore !!!



DSG National Day Wishes



DSG @ Sports Hub

On 19 July, Dragon Scouts visited the newly opened Sports Hub! We had a fun-filled activities organised by the PLC and let’s take a look some of the fun moments we had.   P1080061 P1080057 P1080332 P1080054

Group Camp 2014 – Metamorphosis

From 6 June to 9 June, the DRagon Scouts had a Group Camp themed Metamorphosis.

The overall theme was choosen to allow our scouts to level up during this process

There would be a sub-theme for each day of the camp which ties in with the progress and activities of the camp as follows

  • Day 1 – Metamorphosis: Awakening
  • Day 2 – Metamorphosis: Step Up
  • Day 3 – Metamorphosis: Transcendence
  • Day 4 – Metamorphosis: Catching Fire

Catch the gallery here for some action at the Metamorphosis

Congratulation to Puma for winning the Best Camping Standard 2014.

P1060699 P1060703 P1060709 P1070019 P1070029





Dragon Scouts Welcomes All Year Ones !!!

Dragon Scouts will like to welcome all the GESS Year ones into the GESS Family !

Dragon Scouts, the oldest Uniform Group in GESS and offers the greatest varieties!

Dragon Scouts is YOUR ONLY choice !

Join Us !!! 

2013 Dragon Scouts Adventure Trip

In 2013 Dec, the Dragon Scouts embarked on an adventure trip at Bintan. Several exciting activities were done during this trip and the Dragon Scouts thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Along the way, the Dragon Scouts also visited the orphanages to introduce some life skills like knotting, first aid to the orphans.

8th National Patrol Camp – 2 GOLDS !!!

Dragon Scouts is proud to once again be awarded 2 Golds in the recently held National Patrol Camp. Both our boys and girls teams achieved Gold in this bi-annually held competition and repeated the great achievement 2 years ago. The boys team comprised of Deen Liong, John Ashwin, Kelvin Tsui, Jordan Ong, Rilwan, Qi Ming, Shameerza led by SPL Thaqiv.

The girls team comprised of Aneesa, Nicole, Jasmine Tan, Charmaine Lau, Jeslyn, Christine, Shana Brij led by SPL Desiree Tan.     


All these will not have been possible if not for the great leaders, rovers and ventures whom have guided them well these past few months. Not to forget the sub camp staff whom keep them ‘accompanied’ throughout the camp.   P1010410   Catch more on NPC 2013 Facebook !


National Youth Achievement Award Gold Award Presentation Ceremony 2013

In 2013 we are proud to announce that 6 of our Dragon Scouts attain the pinnacle award of National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA)

They are Goh Sihui, Ng Lay Wen Janice, Soh Wei Bin, Toh Hui Min Cassandra, Wong Hui Min and Yip Tsun Hang Gavin.

This is the first time that our Dragon Scouts have 6 members attaining NYAA (Gold) on the same year.

This will not be possible without much guidance and effort from the leaders and more importantly Ken Ong who created the history for Dragon Scouts by being the first to attain NYAA (Gold) in 2008.

Congratulation to all and Onward Dragon Scouts !!!

More photos will be uploaded soon.






Campfire 2013

The Annual Campfire was held on 13 April with the theme of “Long Live the Legacy”, in celebration of our 91 years of Dragon Scouting. As the Mandarin pronunciation for Dragon ‘龙’  coincides with “Long”,  the theme also holds a second meaning for us where Dragon Scout Group strives to “Live a Legacy, Leave a Legacy”. A total of ten Scout, Guide and Cub Scout units joined us in this celebratory occasion. The campfire had provided our scouts with the opportunity to get to know fellow scouts better and forge closer ties.

Through the planning and execution of the 91st Anniversary Campfire, the planning committee, led by Patrol Leader Cheah Li Ying, has also learnt to overcome the challenges and constraints through a strong display of teamwork.

Jobweek 2013

Jobweek 2013 was held from 16 to 19 March for the Dragon Scout Group. During those four days, the Dragon scouts demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility and discipline as we searched for different types of chores to work on for different households and companies.

It was not smooth sailing for all scouts. Some had to endure the pain of being turned away by people who did not have chores for them. Others who managed to overcome their own barriers (being shy when faced with strangers) spoke of personal growth that they testified to their fellow scouts. Many exhibited the spirit of Brotherhood when they shared with their fellow scouts how to do well for Jobweek. We also had our Dragon Cub Scouts from Radin Mas Primary School and Gan Eng Seng Primary School join us over the weekend to learn the tricks of Jobweek.

We are glad that through this experience, we learnt the value of hardworking and integrity in the four days of learning the joys and pains of a working person in this tough and challenging society. It had helped us to see the importance of hard and earnest work.