National Patrol Camp 2011

We are proud to update that our Dragons continue to strive hard and ever ONWARD in the recent National Patrol Camp 2011 as BOTH our boys and girls teams clinched GOLD !

A total of 49 teams took part in this widely referred to as the ‘Mother of all Competitions’ and sweated it out for the past 5 days 4 nights in Sarimbun Scout Camp from 24 Nov to 28 Nov 2011.

Our boys team was led by SPL Kenner Yeo with members Lee Silin, Alexander Koh, Clement Yeo, Melvin Lai, Eugene Yeo, Reynard Seah and Matthew Leung.

Our girls team was led by SPL Cheah Guan Ying with members Amelia Ng, Hayley, Jannah, Cheah Liying, Shana, Tan Ee Me and Desiree Tan.

Our Dragons probably created history by achieving GOLD for BOTH boys and girls team and in addition probably the first to be awarded Gold for a girl patrol.

Well done, Dragons and ONWARD !

A note of thanks must also be given to Rover Yeo Choon Lian and Venture Xavier Yeo for guiding both the teams in their journey towards excellence ! Thank you !